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The programme is available also in pdf format for download: here (last updated 14 June).

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Conference Programme, June 16
Social Programme, June 16

Friday, June 17, 2022

Conference Programme, June 17
Social Programme, June 17

Session 1 – Welcome

Time and session # Themes and Speakers
09:00 – 09:15 S1.1 Welcome and introduction
Janez Bojc, AIBI President
09:15 – 09:30 S1.2 Opening speech
Ana Le Marechal Kolar, Director-General, Food and Fisheries Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Slovenia

Session 2 – Bakery Trends and Ambitions in a Recovery Context

A promising clear sky following the thunderstorm. This session will guide the audience through the profound deep changes in the industry triggered by the Covid crisis. It will not only take stock of these changes, but also explore how the new context is being valued by the bakery industry and its value chain partners. The session will conclude with prominent industry leaders sharing their views and strategic reflections.

Time and session # Themes and Speakers
09:30 – 09:40 S2.1 Moderator introduction
Cyrille Filott, Global Strategist – Consumer Foods, Rabobank
09:40 – 10:10 S2.2 Buckle up seat belts for some very bumpy years! What’s happening in and around the global food industry?
David Hughes, Dr Food
10:10 – 10:40 S2.3 The European bakery industry: market context, main players and future challenges
Anne Fremaux, Director of Bakery Activities, Girag & Associates (GIRA)
10:40 – 11:20 Coffee break
11:20 – 11:50 S2.4 Re-thinking the supply chain in bakery
Cyrille Filott, Global Strategist – Consumer Foods, Rabobank
11:50 – 13:00 S2.5 Industry Leaders Panel discussion
Frank Kleiner, Chief Executive Officer, Harry-Brot GmbH
Guido Vanherpe
, Chief Executive Officer, La Lorraine Bakery Group
Robert O’Boyle
, Chief Executive Officer, Délifrance
Pierre Tossut
, Chief Executive Officer, Puratos
Frank Kleiner
Guido Vanherpe
Robert O’Boyle
Pierre Tossut
Anne Fremaux
David Hughes
Cyrille Filott

Session 3 – Sustainability at the Core of Political Developments and Mega trends

The EU Green Deal is the European Union political strategy to support wealth and growth in the years ahead. The sustainability agenda is a pivotal element of it and is in particular driving the Farm to Fork strategy. The EU food chain is experiencing turmoil that will be felt by all involved in the food chain. This session will explore the profound changes that are on their way and provide inspirational insights to navigate them, including through food security, logistic evolution and digital trends aspects. The session will conclude with industry leaders exchanging their sustainability agendas.

Time and session # Themes and Speakers
14:10 – 14:20 S3.1 Moderator introduction
Didier Boudy, President, Mademoiselle Desserts
14:20 – 14:50 S3.2 The path to a more sustainable flour supply chain
Bernard Valluis, Honorary President, European Flour Millers
14:50 – 15:20 S3.3 Sustainability in action in bakery operations
Josep Serret, Industrial Director, Europastry
15:20 – 15:50 Coffee break
15:50 – 16:10 S3.4 Our responsibility towards next generations
Sophie Blum, Chief Marketing & Channels Officer, Puratos
16:10 – 17:20 S3.5 Industry Leaders Panel Discussion
Jean-Manuel Lévêque, Chairman, Novepan
Joseph Serret, Industrial Director, Europastry
Olivier Tilkens, President Northern & Eastern Europe, Puratos
Bernard Valluis, Honorary President, European Flour Millers
Josep Serret
Olivier Tilkens
Jean-Manuel Lévêque
Bernard Valluis
Sophie Blum
Didier Boudy

Traditional Slovenian Dinner

Avsenik restaurant is well known for its excellent home-made traditional Slovenian cuisine. It also houses the Museum of the world famous Avsenik Brothers Ensemble, where you can watch a short film about the history the ensemble made with Slovenian folk music.

Following the welcome drink and appetisers, traditional Slovenian dishes will be served for dinner, accompanied by live Slovenian folk music.

Transportation is organised (bus).

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Conference Programme, June 18
Social Programme, June 18

Session 4 – Innovation supporting the path to a delightful bakery

More than ever innovation is they key enabler to the successful development of the bakery industry. Innovation touches every single aspect of the bakery business and its suppliers who are actively partnering to enhance efficiency and economic sustainability. This session will provide insights into front running technologies, but also touch on innovation on operational aspects and value chain relationship.


Time and session # Themes and Speakers
09:00 – 09:10 S4.1 Moderator introduction
Aleš Ugovšek, Chief Strategy Officer at M Sora, podcaster and moderator
09:10 – 09:40 S4.2 What have I learned about ideas and modern innovation?
Aleš Ugovšek, Chief Strategy Officer at M Sora, podcaster and moderator
09:40 – 10:10 S4.3 How to face today’s manufacturing labour shortages with digital services?
Olivier Sergent, President, Mecatherm
10:10 – 10:40 S4.4 Bakery 2022: resilience & adaptation with space for innovation?
Etienne Maillard, Innovation Director Central and East Europe, Lesaffre
10:40 – 11:10 Coffee break
11:10 – 11:40 S4.5 Shaping a tasty future: from idea to market reality
Roel Van der Meulen, R&D and Innovation Director, Vandemoortele
11:40 – 12:50 S4.6 Innovation Panel Discussion
Olivier Sergent, President, Mecatherm
Etienne Maillard
, Innovation Director Central and East Europe, Lesaffre
Roel Van der Meulen
, R&D and Innovation Director, Vandemoortele
Pierre Tossut, Chief Executive Officer, Puratos
Roel Van der Meulen
Etienne Maillard
Aleš Ugovšek
Olivier Sergent
Pierre Tossut

Session 5 – Global bakery market in times of disruption

ABA/AIBI co-organised session, involving US, EU and other international companies. A practical conversation on how each industry sector is focused on managing the current supply chain and policy issues in respective regions, with enhanced attention to supply chains, consumer trends and prominent policy topics, including energy, packaging and waste. This will open reflection on future state of baking through the lenses of these three key topics and what are opportunities for EU/North America collaboration.


Time and session # Themes and Speakers
14:00 – 14:10 S5.1 Moderator introduction
Jean-Manuel Lévêque, Chairman, Novepan
14:10 – 16:00 S5.2 Industry Leaders Panel Discussion
Robb MacKie, President and CEO, American Bakers Association
Cordelia Harrington, CEO and founder of Crown Bakeries
Guido Vanherpe, Chief Executive Officer, La Lorraine Bakery Group
Aleš Mozetič, President and CEO, Don Don Group
Zully Corona, Director of Global Nutrition, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Grupo Bimbo (online)
Olivier van Lieshout, Founding partner, Bakery Initiatives Group (online)
Jacob Molenaar, Director and Owner, Bakery Initiatives Group BV (online)


Zully Corona
Aleš Mozetič
Olivier van Lieshout
Jacob Molenaar
Cordia Harrington
Robb MacKie
Guido Vanherpe

Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will take place at Grand Hotel Toplice where the rustic parquet beneath your feet whispers stories emanating from the romantic furniture with a history spanning over 80 years.

The banquet hall is located directly on the shore of Lake Bled, boasting a stunning view which will be complemented by excellent food by chef Simon Bertoncelj. His creative direction has won the Julijana Restaurant the prestigious Michelin Plate 2020 and 2021 for fresh ingredients and good cooking, and 3 Gault&Millau chef’s hats.

Entertainment on the dance floor will be provided by a band playing unforgettable tunes.

Programme for accompanying persons

Date Time Event
June 17 9.30-16.00 Bled and Radovljica excursion
June 18 9.30-17.00 Ljubljana excursion

Detailed programme for accompanying persons is available here (PDF).

The organiser reserves the right to change the programme.