Anne Fremaux

Director of Bakery Activities at Girag & Associates (GIRA)

Anne Fremaux

Director of Bakery Activities at Girag & Associates (GIRA)


Anne Fremaux joined Gira in 1990. As Director of Bakery, she directs a wide range of consultancy and research assignments, with expertise in the Bakery sector at international level. Her experience spans the whole of the bakery supply chain, milling and ingredients, industry structure analysis, retail and foodservice, Market Due Diligence.

Anne Fremaux studied at the prestigious French Good and Agriculture University, Agro Paris Tech (Paris), where she received Diploma of Agronomic Engineer (equivalent to master’s degree).

She is well-known and highly respected within the sector and a frequent speaker at international bakery conferences: French Bakery Confederation, International Association of Industrial Bakers (AIBI), European Flour Millers, Fedima, Cofalec, Asemac, International Association of Operative Millers, Rabobank…

Last Gira published and incoming bakery reports are:

2022:               European Bakery Panorama (publication July 2022)

2021:               The Different Business Models of Bakery Chains in Europe

2021/2020:      Covid-19 Crisis: Impact on European Bakery Markets

2019:               Bake-off Bakery Markets in Europe

2018:               The future of the most dynamic bakery segments: soft buns, flatbreads,
doughnuts and American pastries



The European bakery industry: market context, main players and future challenges
Session 2, 17 June 2022

 Anne will present Giras very last insight into the European bakery industry:

  • The current and future market context for bakery products
  • A pan European view of the bakery industry, with up-to-date statistical data and company ranking
  • The different business models of bakery chains and their connection with the bakery industry: to which extent they could challenge industrial bakers in the near future?

Market context:

  • The European bakery markets: consumption, distribution and supply structure
  • All the major developments affecting the European bakery markets and the bakery industry:
    • The long-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis (e.g. switch in technologies)
    • The relative share of fresh unpackaged versus packaged products
    • The main consumption dynamics
    • Changes in distribution
    • Long term trends in supply strategy options (scratch vs bake-off vs buying fresh bakery products)

The European Bakery Industry:

  • Up to date statistical data on the Bakery industry
  • The top bakery companies in Europe:
    • With their various bakery production activities (packaged bakery, bake-off)
  • Pan European view of consolidation and reorganisation
    • The emergent bakery groups

 Focus on bakery chains: sourcing strategies and connexion with the bakery industry:

  • The different business models of the main European bakery chains
  • To which extent bakery chains are involved in industrial fresh and bake-off production
  • Degree of competition between bakery chains integrated plants and the bakery industry.

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